Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Damn you creative streak!! lol
Well i decided tonight as i was up all night making a scrap page last night tonight was the night to abuse hubby on the xbox, but no! I found my self picking up a pencil and drawing.
Id done most of it earlier but needed to change a few bits.
This, like my scrap page is my 2nd attempt.

Any help with names would much appreciated I personally think she looks like a rebecca but im not 100% on that.

Monday, 17 May 2010

lets try again

Well here it is. One thats not wonkey!
I even got hubby to agree it was nice and hes not the type who likes anything crafty.

The butterfly paper is in fact birthday wrapping paper but i loved the colours, felt rude to say no.

The flowers at the top were in the start blue but i thought you wouldnt be able to see them if they were same colour so i used some metalic pens to paint them pink and did the detail in blue.

Hope you like it leave comments below on any tips.

Im so proud in entered it into the following challenges:

'Lexis Creations'

'Scrap With A Song'

'Just Scraps'

'Crazy Chalenge'

'Ohh La La Creations'

'A Spoon Full Of Sugar'

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

1st attempt

Well i did it!!

I had my 1st go at sticking random things onto a page and seeing if it came out as somthing i could use lol and u know wot i kinda like it.

Its not perfect and i havnt put the photo on yet so its not completly finished but its my 1st go and im proud!! lol

The green ribbon isnt stuck completly down i know but ill stuck some tape under it.

You know what else i have to admit i enjoyed myself doing it.

Oh i had a go at drawing a picture too..... its a bit wonkey but i havnt picked up a pencil in about 10years lol.

Hope u like them.
Any tips are more than welcome

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ooooooooooo im all excited :)
After work i went outside for my normal "ahhhh works over. Brain? time to rest" fag and was met by the postman.
He had brought me a pressie from www.madaboutcards.com !!!
I got new glue, sticky tape, paper punches, flowers, card, papers of all kinds, ribbons, stickers and the list goes on.....
All i did was pound shop and got myself some brilliant buys.

** ok white lie i did browse and buy from other parts but dont tell hubby as i blew my budget through the roof**

It was so worth it :)
Even brought some bits for the kids to use. My 3yr old is addicted to a fish paper punch and a pair of sandcastle scissors, mummys little artist :)

Anyway better go and do some house work and suck up to hubby before he sees his bank statement :P


Friday, 7 May 2010

Piggys Picture :)

This is wot my youngest son of 3 chucked together in the hour i had spare.

He made it for his daddy who wasnt feeling very well. Hes made a card too and i will get round to uploading it asap :) im so proud of him he took ages doing it all.

The pictures dont do it justice as its really glittery and bright.

But for his first attempt i think its amazing might do it everyday now see if he can become a pro card maker lol :P

The glue is still a little wet so excuse the huge shine around it but when u look even the glue is neatly done apart from his first scribble when i put it in his hand lol.

The tissue paper string at the top is held on with buttons he threaded himself somehow i couldnt do it lol and the little card under the dog says "just for you" in gold with glitter silver background.

Love u piggy xx well done baby xx

Nikki X

Saturday, 24 April 2010

I just got passed this link from a friend, which i hope will help me out a bit while im starting out.

(take a look at the link)
'Tickled Pink'

Ive been stuck looking online all day at bits i can buy lol, think i might be here all day tomorrow too.
there is SO much stuff u can buy and use.... loving the look of the embossing stuff though :D could be fun



Well here's my first blog.
Been thinking about how to get this all started but if im honest i havnt got a clue.
I was going to start with a picture of a scrapbook page or something but erm im still waiting on the ink for the printer lol.
I been looking around the internet at loads of bits and bobs like buttons, ribbons, glues and other sorts of tools u can use and ill be honest i aint got a clue where to start.
I got some card, paper and tinkery bits to put on it but....
what do i use to stick it all together??
what wont make thin paper go all soggy??
Its all a tad confusing to start out lol but hey i got half a brain im sure i can work something out.

Hmm feel free to leave comments with any tips on scrapbooking lol :)