Saturday, 24 April 2010


Well here's my first blog.
Been thinking about how to get this all started but if im honest i havnt got a clue.
I was going to start with a picture of a scrapbook page or something but erm im still waiting on the ink for the printer lol.
I been looking around the internet at loads of bits and bobs like buttons, ribbons, glues and other sorts of tools u can use and ill be honest i aint got a clue where to start.
I got some card, paper and tinkery bits to put on it but....
what do i use to stick it all together??
what wont make thin paper go all soggy??
Its all a tad confusing to start out lol but hey i got half a brain im sure i can work something out.

Hmm feel free to leave comments with any tips on scrapbooking lol :)


1 comment:

  1. prit stick....double sided sticky tape...super glue (i use alot for flowers) and why on earth you didnt just ask me on yahoo i have no idea rofl

    sponge pads (sunnie will tell me off for calling that! loving the blog its sooo perdyyyy

    catch you on yahoo will go shopping with you :D