Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ooooooooooo im all excited :)
After work i went outside for my normal "ahhhh works over. Brain? time to rest" fag and was met by the postman.
He had brought me a pressie from www.madaboutcards.com !!!
I got new glue, sticky tape, paper punches, flowers, card, papers of all kinds, ribbons, stickers and the list goes on.....
All i did was pound shop and got myself some brilliant buys.

** ok white lie i did browse and buy from other parts but dont tell hubby as i blew my budget through the roof**

It was so worth it :)
Even brought some bits for the kids to use. My 3yr old is addicted to a fish paper punch and a pair of sandcastle scissors, mummys little artist :)

Anyway better go and do some house work and suck up to hubby before he sees his bank statement :P



  1. talkin to yerself again huh lol

    Well hurry up n get making i want to seeeee lol

    I'm off to play on wii then do some more drawing :D have funnnnnn xx

  2. hi nikki.
    nice to meet you.look forward to seeing your crafty projects,good luck with packing in the fags.i did 2 years ago ,still have the occasional one on a night out[do the ones you have when drunk count.....i think not]just be prepared to get a little larger than you are now ,a STONE a year bigger...lol.

  3. Hi Nikki nice to meet you, I can't wait to see what you make with all of those goodies, have fun crafting lol
    Hugs Maxine

  4. Hi Nikki
    Welcome to Blogland and to the world of carfting.... beware its an expensive hobby.. but it well worth it :)
    Enjoy your new goodiesa nd looking forward to seeing your creations..
    hugs rozzy xx