Friday, 7 May 2010

Piggys Picture :)

This is wot my youngest son of 3 chucked together in the hour i had spare.

He made it for his daddy who wasnt feeling very well. Hes made a card too and i will get round to uploading it asap :) im so proud of him he took ages doing it all.

The pictures dont do it justice as its really glittery and bright.

But for his first attempt i think its amazing might do it everyday now see if he can become a pro card maker lol :P

The glue is still a little wet so excuse the huge shine around it but when u look even the glue is neatly done apart from his first scribble when i put it in his hand lol.

The tissue paper string at the top is held on with buttons he threaded himself somehow i couldnt do it lol and the little card under the dog says "just for you" in gold with glitter silver background.

Love u piggy xx well done baby xx

Nikki X


  1. how cute is this pic.looks like another crafter is born,the only bad thing about starting your children crafting is ...THEY STEAL YOUR STASH.
    lalkygirl x

  2. what a great project :D thanks for playing in my challenge

    Morgan x